Nutty Chocoholic™
Superfood Nutrition Bars

$3.50 - $4.95 per bar

depending on quantity ordered

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1 BAR 1 @ $4.95 $4.95 N/A
1 BOX 12 @ $4.50 $54.00 $54.00
2 BOXES 24 @ $3.95 $94.80 $47.40
3 BOXES* 36 @ $3.50 $126.00 $42.00
4+ BOXES* @ $3.50 $42.00

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Frequently Asked Questions

My family members and I have food allergies- can we eat your bar?

All of our superfood nutrition bars are GMO-Free and Gluten-Free, and free of the following: artificial ingredients, colors, and flavors, preservatives & additives, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, and syrups. While none of our bars or products contain the following common allergens: peanuts, eggs, soy, milk, and cheese as ingredients, they may contain traces of them, as they are manufactured in a facility that processes products containing these allergens.

Is your product organic?

All of the ingredients in Green Dream™ and our superfood nutrition bars are GMO-free and several of them are organic as well. However, because our bars do not contain mostly or at least 95 percent organic ingredients, we are unable to call or label our bars organic.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our manufacturing facility is located right outside of Los Angeles, California, specifically in Monterey Park, California.

Will you have any new bars/flavors soon?

We are currently in the process of producing a lineup of over 20 sweet and savory bar flavors! In the near future, we will be releasing sweet bar flavors Sin-A-Man™ and Chocoholic™ for sale. And soon after, we will release savory bar flavors Say Cheese, Pizza™ and Butter Me Up, Croissant™ for sale.

What is the shelf life on the bars?

Our superfood nutrition bars have a 6-month shelf life. And all of the bars have their expiration dates printed on their wrappers.

How should I store my bars?

We recommend that you store your bars in room temperature or cooler. Room temperature is considered 77 degrees Fahrenheit or 25 degrees Celsius, per scientific shelf life testing. FUN TIP: the colder you store your bars the sweeter they will taste when you eat them!